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It is the mission of Heal Our Land to unite God's people in faithful prayer and devotion to Him. We firmly believe in the divinely inspired beginnings, protection, and prosperity of this land, the United States of America. As we have been removing ourselves from God's grip, our land has been decaying. United, faithful, and humble prayer as well as a change of direction in our moral compass will lead us towards restoration as God will be faithful to heal our land.


View Latest Video on Prayer

This is a brief paragraph on prayer, the purpose of prayer and the message of the prayer videos. It can detail the mission of educating americans on why we pray and how to pray. As well, it can discuss and introduce the kinds of speakers we are presenting in the videos.


View Latest Video on Citizenship

This will be a brief paragraph on the importance of good citizenship and the mission of HOL to develop good citizenship practices among Americans. It will also describe the national leaders who are presented in the videos and detail some points of their messages.


This will be a brief paragraph the will detail HOL's mission to educate americans on national issues and how those issues relate to our need to continuously pray for God to heal our land. It will also introduce a few of the national education partners who have lead fight in bringing the truth to americans. As well it will describe our informative and uplifting newsletter and encourage readers to sign up.
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Heal Our Land has many events coming up in the near future. Click the calendar to view a events in your area. As well, we are planning many more events to take place later this year. If you would to offer support of any kind, please click here to let us know of your interest.

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